A box subscription service

Everyone loves getting packages in the mail, but most of us have too much stuff.

Packajoy distills the joyful experience of getting a box delivered to your door without the hassle of receiving objects inside that box!

What We Do

Packajoy is a monthly box subscription service. Every month, you will receive a box. It may contain something, but it almost certainly will not. It’s that simple.


Sign up and we’ll send you a box. It’s as easy as that!


Packajoy is the cheapest subscription box on the planet.


Once you subscribe, we do everything else.

Subscription Pricing

three outstanding options


per Month

One package per month with complimentary delivery.


per Month

A single box twelve times per year, delivery included.


per Month

A cardboard enclosure guided to your home every 30 days.


Most frequent questions and answers

Generally nothing, but sometimes maybe something.

Our end goal is to sell Packajoy to a big tech company. If you’re a big tech company, email us. We’ll sell for as little as $100.

To reduce our carbon footprint, we send reused boxes whenever possible. But our commitment to the environment doesn’t stop there. If we make any money, we’ll donate it to environmental charities that plant trees or something.

No. Customers are responsible for their own joy.

All Packajoy packages are shipped with our proprietary Amozan Pryme shipping technology that may involve us driving them to your house.

If you pay us, yes. And we will continue sending you boxes until you stop paying us. That’s the Packajoy Promise™.

Gwyneth Paltrow’s severed head.

Our Team

We are packajoy

Lance Gack

CEO & Founder

Lance Gack was born in a hospital. Which hospital is none of your business. He’s so passionate about boxes that he keeps things inside them regularly. Lance also enjoys empty space, another key part of the Packajoy solution matrix. He considers himself an object, but also a process. 

What Subscribers Say

The very best opinions

“I received a box. It filled me with happiness. The happiness faded, as does all happiness, but the box was not at fault.”
Ginny B.
“They say less is more, but I say nothing is most! Hooray for Packajoy!"
Gus R.
“My box, in the final analysis, was an exceptional object—the culmination of thousands of years of innovation in pulp manipulation. It had a sticker on it, too.”
Juan P.
Santa Fe
“This service ironically annihilates what it posits within one and the same act; it creatives a positive object but it has no being other than its nothingness.”
Jean-Paul S.


Want to drop us a line? Email us at info@packajoy.com we’ll get right back to you.

Need to unsubscribe? It’s best to do that through PayPal, not through us. If we don’t get money from you, we won’t send you any packages. That’s the Second Packajoy Promise™.

If you want us to unsubscribe you ourselves we can do that, too (but we won’t be happy about it). Just give us the name on your PayPal account, mention that you don’t like joy, and we’ll take you off our lists.